Research + Planning

Know The Past and Plan For The Future

Research Your Audience. Plan For Your Audience.

No matter how big or small your organization is, it has an intended audience. Just like this page was meant to find you – your business is destined to find its ‘home’ in the world. 

While the road to success is packed with hurdles, there is a way forward. Knowing yourself and your audience are the core principals that inevitably lead to results. Positive outcomes look different to each company, together we’ll determine what that looks like for you and chart a course.

In most cases research will show that there are other businesses similar to yours that have successfully found a their audience. So, we start there. We learn from others and stop short of reinventing the wheel.  This makes good use of time and allows us to find a need and fill it. 

The end result is often predictably successful based on past outcomes from internal or external patterns. From here, we craft the message, deploy and pivot along the way in order to yield positive results.

This is why you are here. You need results. Together, we’ll create a path to success. 

Our Approach

Research. Plan. Produce.

You have to take the time to do things right, or you’ll find yourself doing them over and again. 


We scour the internet for fact based data, as well as get it from the source. We dig and dig and dig. When we feel like we're comfortable, we dig a little more then move ahead.


With our bundle of research and experience in hand, we craft a plan that is reliable, sound and just.


After we've crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's we move into production and shift things into gear.


Researching and exploring a new-to-us business is fun and informative. We're able to make on-the-fly comparisons to current or past work and bring in experiences from other verticals. This allows us to transfer concepts and offer a fresh approach to heighten the end results.


You simply have to do it. Without it you are just wandering around this digital ocean we live in. Let's lean on the definition of the term 'research' which states - "the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions." As the world continues to change at the speed of light, this is simply a must.


This is where we take everything we've learned and put it all together. We tap into social norms, global calendars and deeper strategies to create an action plan that becomes our playbook. Depending on your needs, we adjust accordingly - that way we know initiatives will go to plan. Know the data. Make the plan. Create the future.

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
Zora Neal Hurston
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